Warm Audio WA76 Stereo Linked Pair Now Available

Warm Audio WA76 Stereo Linked Pair Now Available

Nova Distribution are delighted to announce a special upgrade modification to the hugely popular Warm Audio WA76 – 1176 styled FET Limiting Amplifier.

This special upgrade includes 2 x WA76 units with installed custom made stereo link upgrade boards. After installation of the stereo link boards our electronics engineer calibrates the pair of WA76’s as a complete stereo system and matches the two units together to provide true stereo linking capabilities

WA76 Stereo Link Modification Specification:

The WA76 Stereo Link Modification consists of a small circuit that is installed inside each unit of a paired set. A small toggle switch and a 3.5mm stereo connector will be added to the back panel of each unit. A 3.5mm stereo cable is used to link the two units. The toggle switch selects dual mono in the down position and linked stereo operation in the up position.

The WA76 pair is calibrated as a set.

In dual mono operation the two units operate independently and gain limiting is not shared.

In stereo configuration, all controls are set identically on both units.  The output of the internal pre-amplifier stage in each unit is buffered and combined with the paired unit and fed to the compression circuit.   Both units respond to the combined input signal, resulting in the same amount of signal dependant gain reduction being applied to both limiting amplifiers.  The audio content however, is not mixed and stays integral.  The result is that left-right image shifts produced by the dual mono operation are eliminated in favour of stereo compression.

wa76 stereo board

The WA76 pair are calibrated to have matched output levels to within 0.5 dBu and matched Gain Reduction to within 10% while operating with all controls set top dead centre and the 20:1 ratio selected.

The price for this stereo pair is £1499.00 including VAT and comes with full warranty and support. We appreciate the desire for this upgrade option so customers can confidently stereo buss out to the WA76’s with assurance that the stereo image is maintained. It is something the team at NOVA wanted, so we assumed other guys out their felt the same 🙂

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