From Edinburgh to London – RED DOG Music

From Edinburgh to London – RED DOG Music

Nova Distribution will be attending the Red Dog Music London Audio Expo on Saturday August 31st from 10 am. The London School of Sound will be hosting Seminars throughout the day in partnership with Red Dog Music and the biggest Pro Audio brands on the market offering a great opportunity to listen to new gear in a controlled environment. Nova Distribution will be showcasing all the hot new summer releases including the Brand New

Eve Audio TS108 Thunderstorm Subwoofer.

Warm Audio TB12 Tonebeast

and all products from Lindell Audio

Please click here to register for the event.

Edinburgh based Red dog Music has recently announced a new music technology store in London. The store, located in Clapham  above the London School of Sound was previously the home of Digital Village South London which  went into administration in May.

Alex Marten Managing Director of Red Dog music had been planning to open a store in London for  many years and this opportunity was too good to be missed. Red Dog has taken on 3 ex-DV employees  to drive the London store and build upon the success of the Red Dog Music brand. The focus on the  London store will be to provide end users complete hands on demonstration of all the major brands  within the central London Area. With the closure of 3 of the 4 Digital Village stores in London,  it seemed the end users ability to walk into a local store and try all the latest gear in a relaxed  atmosphere was becoming very difficult.  Red Dog plan to work closely with suppliers to create open days and walk in clinics for customers  to get technical expertise from the manufacturers. The store will also be holding joint open days  with the London School of Sound in the coming months.

Store Manager Mike Fletcher commented: “We are keen to get the local music community involved with  events in and around the Clapham area, and the store will be a great way of bringing customers into  a relaxed and laid back environment. A great attraction will be our Monitoring section which will  showcase all the best brands in the industry. All models can be A/B’d side by side on equal merit.  We are very pleased to be taking on the EVE Audio brand as these Loudspeakers have become hugely  popular and need to be heard to fully appreciate the level of detail and response they offer.”

Red Dog London will have all 2 and 3 way models on show when the store opens this month, with the  new subwoofers arriving in September. The Red Dog London Team would be more than happy to discuss your EVE requirements. Please get in  contact with Mike Fletcher, Roy Brockington and Raamiz St Hill in 16 Bromells Road, Clapham, London SW4 0BG. email


call 0207 622 7912

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