Nova to Distribute Eve Audio

Nova to Distribute Eve Audio

London – May 2012: Independent distributor of pro-audio products; NOVA Distribution, has announced its UK exclusive distributorship of Eve Audio speakers, the exciting new range of active monitors from Berlin based manufacturer EVE Audio. Nova will be supplying dealerships across the UK.

EVE Audio was founded and owned by Roland Stenz, a man with a long time passionate for quality audio and with a long background history in the audio industry. The products cover a range of sizes and applications from the SC204, the smallest in their studio monitors line to the largest four-way system monitor that EVE Audio produces at the moment; The SC408. Along with a range of subwoofers, they were built with quality in mind.

The SC204 may have a small footprint. But they will probably be the biggest sounding speakers in your setup. They also have the added convenience of threaded screw inserts on the bottom and the back so that the SC204 can be mounted on a regular microphone or speaker stand or, using the back plate, for different wall mounting options available on the market.

The SC408 is the largest four-way system monitor and, as the biggest monitor in the range, it is the perfect choice for larger control rooms where engineers look for the correct combination of power and precision.

A pair of 8″ SilverCone woofers with its glass fibre coated diaphragm in honeycomb structure cover the frequency range from an earth shattering 32Hz up to 250Hz. A sophisticated 1.5″ voice coil is responsible for creating a greater linear excursion, giving a very clear and accurate bass response.

A 5″ midrange unit and the Air Motion Transformer RS3 (AMT Ribbon System 3) complete the system. The AMT RS3 houses a bigger magnet system to deliver a higher output level with virtually less distortion.

Each driver is provided with its separate PWM amplifier that is able to deliver a short-term output power of 250 W per channel. With a maximum output level of 118dB (SPL @ 1 m), there’s plenty of power to keep the air moving, even in the larger control rooms.

As with every other EVE Audio speaker, they include both balanced XLR inputs and unbalanced RCA inputs for greater convenience.

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About EVE Audio

Founder Roland Stenz started his career in the mid eighties when he worked in Research and Development for “Rundfunk- und Fernsehtechnisches Zentralamt RFZ”. That was East Germany’s biggest supplier and developer for nearly all components used in television and broadcast.

After the German reunification, Roland Stenz worked briefly for a Berlin based Hi-Fi company before pursuing his advanced electronic studies. Subsequently in 1999 he became co-founder, shareholder and CEO of ADAM Audio. Upon his leaving ADAM in the summer of 2010, he decided to take an MBA degree while simultaneously starting the development a new range of studio monitors.

His approach was to question the necessity of each and every component in the audio circuitry, not only from an engineering point of view, but also from a user experience standpoint. Soon it became obvious that the answer was not in using off-the-shelf components, so the new EVE Audio line was designed from the ground up. The result is a complete range of active studio monitors and active subwoofers, carefully designed to satisfy home recording users as well as studio professionals. As such, most parts and components that can be found in EVE Audio speakers were produced according to Roland Stenz requirements.

Kerstin Mischke is a sales professional with over 20 years experience in sales. She worked for the last 11 years of her career as the International Sales Manager at ADAM Audio, a company that she joined as one the first employees. She mainly built, overlooked, maintained and expanded the distribution network for professional studio and Hi fi distributors globally. At EVE Audio, Kerstin Mischke will handle all sales and marketing affairs at a global level.

EVE Audio is based in Germany at Berlin’s southeast end, 10 minutes away from the new Berlin Brandenburg “Willy Brandt” airport that will open in June 2012, with direct connections to many destinations worldwide.

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