NOVA Distribution presents EVE Audio at Music Production Show

NOVA Distribution presents EVE Audio at Music Production Show

EVE Audio UK distributor  Nova Distribution will be exhibiting at the Music Production Show at the Emirates Stadium in London on November 23rd and 24th. This is the first exhibition outing for EVE Audio in the UK,  with all 2 and 3 way models on demonstration, and a pre-launch showing of the upcoming EVE subwoofers.

The show will be  attended by Phil Skins of Nova Distribution and Kerstin Mischke of EVE Audio, who will be on hand to offer help and advice  on the EVE Audio range of active studio monitors and subwoofers. Phil comments “I am hugely excited about finally getting  the chance to demonstrate the EVE’s to the MPS visitors. I know that when they hear them, they will be blown away by the  clarity and detail these loudspeakers offer, I also love chatting to like-minded engineers and producers with a passion for  music tech. I am sure it will be a great show!”.

Nova Distribution have been busy over the summer building up the UK dealer network for EVE Audio, and are now happy to  announce that EVE Audio active studio monitors can be demonstrated and brought through the UK’s very best dealers, with a  massive amount of technical expertise and experience at hand to help EVE customers with the sales process.

Phil Skins of Nova Distribution comments. “I am a big believer in customers being able to enjoy the whole process of buying  their music gear from the great UK home grown dealers around Britain. We are very lucky to have such a wealth of talented  experts on hand to help the customers through the process of buying their equipment. Especially when purchasing loudspeakers,  customers need to be able to take time and listen to the monitors. This is why we have built up a dealer network that is  able to offer this level of support. We work closely with the Dealers to make sure that if additional monitors within the  range need to be at the store ready for a demonstration or if stock is required to be delivered directly to the customer,  this is no problem for Nova. Our main focus is to offer all the help and support we can to our dealers who in turn can look  after their customers at every step of the process. We are also committed to a quick turn around on any UK warranty repairs  or replacements because we understand how critical it is to minimise downtime. UK customers often forget this crucial element  when considering buying from overseas. The dealer network is growing, but at present we are happy that we have EVE authorised  dealers in each sector of the UK.”

For more information on the UK dealer network please check out the Dealer map at

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