Frankfurt MusikMesse 2013 – Happy Birthday EVE

Frankfurt MusikMesse 2013 – Happy Birthday EVE

1 year ago, EVE Audio launched at the MusikMesse 2012 show with something very special. A whole new line up of beautifully crafted Active Studio Monitors under the “SilverCone” (SC) series. The entire EVE Audio line up was fully introduced with shipments arriving soon after of the stunning 2 and 3 way models.

The 2 way and 3 way models have now been introduced to the Professional Audio Market over the last year with incredible reviews and a real excitement being shown for the Eve Audio brand and what it stands for. Refined build quality and clever component choice and development to offer precise sound control, and a range that caters for all environments and budgets.

Now 1 year on “THE PICTURE IS COMPLETE”, and we are delighted to announce that the mighty 4 ways and Thunderstorm (TS) subwoofers are due to start shipping in June.


The SC407 and SC408 4 way systems from EVE Audio incorporate dual 6.5″ or 8″ drivers which power the bass frequencies in parallel for maximum power output. Each driver is independantly powered by its own PWM amplifier fed directly from the DSP. The dual bass drivers are complimented with a seperate 4″ or 5″ mid range driver along with the largest of the EVE AMT ribbon tweeters, the RS3. The SC408 for example has 3 x 250 Watt Amps for the Silvercones and 1 x 50 Watt Air Motion Transformer (AMT)

The mix of power amplification, frequency resposnse and all round precise sound control means the SC407 and SC408 would be an ideal choice for Professionals looking for a new pair of main monitors for their studio.

Click the link and check out the specs in more detail


The Thunderstorm Range of Subwoofers were on demonstration on the EVE booth and were causing quite a stir, and some pretty powerful bass lines as well. The TS107, TS108, TS110 and TS112 incorporate a Passive Radiator design into the subs which has to be heard to be beliEVEd. By utilising a diaphgram rather than opting for a more usual reflex port design. The Subwoofer can operate within a tighter and more controlled bass bandwidth.

Low bass notes can often excite the reflex ports to a point where odd noise factors are introduced or the port vibration can make the bass driver unstable.. To eliminate this port noise and to offer a more complimentary control over the Thunderstorm driver a Passive Radiator has been employed to control the EVE Audio Subwoofers. As the ThunderStorm driver is compressed under load, the Passive “Radiator” Driver acts like an air volume exhaust that pushes against this Passive Radiator the exact opposite of the main driver, therefore controlling the air volume tightly to the frequency cut off point of the TS driver and Cabinet Volume. A closed coupled system. TIGHT!

All EVE Thunderstorm Subwoofers house the “one touch DSP knob” to set subwoofer settings such as frequency and phase adjustment. There is also a dedicated Volume knob for the subwoofer and a handy Infrared control to let you control the settings and switch between 2.1 or Satellite full range.

















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