Lindell Audio announce new 500 series modules for 2015

Lindell Audio announce new 500 series modules for 2015

Lindell Audio announce 3 new 500 series modules to expand their hugely popular 6X-500, 7X-500 and PEX-500 modules. Building upon request features from the pro audio community the new modules evolve on the previous models with additional functions and upgrades. The new range consists of the 77X-500 stereo compressor, MID-500 Pultec MEQ-5 styled EQ and EVO-6 Vintage Microphone Pre Amp and EQ

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77X-500 – 500 Series Stereo Compressor 

Evolution of the Lindell 7X-500 single channel 1176 style FET compressor which is undoubtedly the biggest selling affordable 500 compressor on the market today. The 77X-500 offers variable attack and release knobs and matched FET transistors for accurate stereo operation when linked. The unit offers trim adjustments on left and right channels to maintain fine stereo tuning of the module. A fantastic upgrade offering on the 7X-500. The 77X-500 still includes all the great functions from the single channel version including a Side Chain HPF and Parallel Mix Knob for blending between dry and compressed signals.

£599.00 including VAT



 MID-500 – 500 Series All Discrete Equaliser

The MID-500 is based upon the classic Pultec MEQ-5 EQ and employs 3 hand-wound induction coils coupled with vintage Tantulum capacitors, 2 hand wound input and output balancing transformers and an all discrete vintage 1731 op-amp offering some seriously old skool tone shaping

eq circuit

The original MEQ-5 EQ was popular due to its ability to add  a special presence and lift  at selectable frequencies across the entire audio spectrum. The EQ includes 2 boost inductors at the high and low end of the spectrum, whilst a 3rd inductor provides a attenuation or dip to selectable mid band frequencies. There are lots of selectable frequencies on hand to cut and boost your instruments and microphone channels. Classy + Curvaceous ūüôā

£479.00 including VAT

EVO-6 – 500 Series Pre Amplifier and EQ evo-8

The EVO-6 Module offers a premium upgrade on its little brother: the incredibly cost effective 6X-500 Pre/EQ

Upgraded features include a large highly sensitive multi LED meter, requested regularly from the Lindell user community. The module includes an all discrete vintage 1731 Op Amp allowing high gain input through the hand wound balanced transformers. Saturate and colour your vocals and instruments with this heavy weight 500 Pre-Amp. The EVO-6 also includes a creamy smooth EQ boost section for brighting up tracks in the high band or adding extra punch and depth in the low band.

£479.00 including VAT


Stock is due to arrive sometime in Q2. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any additional information.




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