Eve SC204 and SC207 reviewed in German Press

Eve SC204 and SC207 reviewed in German Press

German magazines “BEAT”, “Videoaktiv” and “Recording Magazin” took a closer  look at EVE Audio’s SC204 and SC207.

EVE Audio’s two-way monitor SC207 has been taken to a competition test of German magazine “BEAT”. 12 competing  models from 12 international manufactures were tested – and EVE Audio’s SC207  has received the “BEAT recommendation” award. “BEAT” comments: “The highs come out unmasked, while the mids and lows are very powerful but neatly  controlled to excel even with low-frequency-heavy music. They are rich in nuances  and have an outstanding dynamic response, which is evident in the very detailed  stereo image. The excellent fine adjustment goes to show the amount of detail  that went into their conception. The DSP system stands out for its operation and  functionality — it can really be a lifesaver on the road. Their fair power and  pure sound make the SC207 a great asset for any studio.”

In another competition test, this time at magazine “Videoaktiv” EVE Audios smallest monitor SC204 has been compared to some other competitive models and brands. And, we have a clear winner: SC204! The magazine gives reasons for its choice by saying: “For a moderate price this compact loudspeaker  offers definition and diligence – at high and low frequencies.”

And last but not least both two-way monitors SC204 and SC207have been tested by the German “Recording Magazin” that comments as follows: “The character of the SC207 is very present and intense; their sound is tight. The stereo  image is good and the different depths of a recording are also clearly distinguishable.” “The SC204 have a very high definition in the mids and they provide very good stereo and  spatial imaging.”

“Recording Magazin’s” conclusion is: “If what we heard from the SC207 and SC204 applies to the whole of the EVE Audio family,  then we definitely have a new option to take into serious consideration when buying a  monitoring system. The sound of the specially designed tweeter by itself makes the  speakers a must-try alternative to the usually available options.”

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