EVE Audio SC307 Sound on Sound Review

EVE Audio SC307 Sound on Sound Review

EVE Audio’s largest 3way monitor SC307 has been thoroughly reviewed by Sound On Sound  in its February 2013 issue. Please read some passages of that review below:

“Its excellent definition, clarity and control in the mid-range and bass, coupled with fine detail and an overall  sense of smoothness in the high end, means that it won’t wear out your eardrums over long periods of close listening.”

“Smooth as silk.”

“An impressive monitor that combines DSP control with PWM amplification, to deliver a high level of performance at an interesting price.”

“Whatever EVE have done with the DSP, amps, drivers and porting, it works extremely well.”

“The SC307 is intended for midfield and nearfield use, and is one of the easiest monitors around to set up.”

The review in full length is available in Sound On Sound’s February 2013 issue or here

Many thanks to Sound On Sound for allowing us to use this article.

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