EVE Audio 2.1 Systems

EVE Audio 2.1 Systems

The UK Music Technology Press have been busy reviewing EVE’s 2.1 Active Studio Monitoring Systems over the last few months.

TS108-2What makes the EVE 2.1 system such a fantastic integrated solution is down to the high resolution filter technology employed within the design of the subwoofer. Allowing the system to re-configure its filter response at the press of a button allowing for full range or 2.1 operation. There are times when you want the subwoofer active and other times when you need to work only with the satellites. Other systems would require physically changing over the cut off filter, but with EVE you are able to use the handy remote control supplied with the system to work between the modes of operation. The remote also features all the functions you need to access whilst setting up the subwoofer within a room. You can move around the room positioning the sub and your listening position to decide on the best placement for the sub.

Overall the reviews have been outstanding and for any users concerned about overlapping frequencies and incorrect sub placement, you should definitely take 5 and have a read through. The 2.1 system can often work far better in small rooms than opting for a full range monitoring solution.

2.1 System Reviews - sos

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