Dub Studio in Bristol choose EVE SC207’s

Dub Studio in Bristol choose EVE SC207’s

Henry Bainbridge, owner of Bristol’s – Dub Studio has recently purchased a pair of EVE SC207’s. Dub Studio is an online dubplate and mastering specialist offering vinyl dub cutting and digital mastering services. it was a pleasure meeting Henry in his studio and seeing the EVE SC207’s side by side with the Lipinski monitors.


We asked Henry why he chose the EVE SC207’s.

“I A/B’d the SC207s with all the active monitors I could find in the same price range, and they were the clear winners in terms of transparency, transient response, and stereo separation. I love listening to music and mixing with these monitors, and my pre-masters always translate well when I take them next door to master. They are easily loud enough to fill my 1000 cubic foot mixing room, even without a sub, and they sound even better with a sub.”

Check out this film about “Vinyl” directed by Alex Macdonald featuring an interview with Henry from Dub Studio. A nostalgic insight into the independant UK record shop and the white label. Thank you Henry for choosing the EVE’s.

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