Dreadbox White Line Eurorack Modules Shipping Early December 2016

Dreadbox White Line Eurorack Modules Shipping Early December 2016

We are happy to announce the brand new White Lines Eurorack Series from Dreadbox which will be arriving to us early December in time for Christmas. There are 14 offerings within the range, with each module providing a functional part of the dreadbox sound. The modules are priced with affordability in mind. Prices range from £26.00 up to £109.00 per module.

Anyone who has heard the classic Dreadbox character found in the Erebus, Hades and Murmux synths will be super stoked to see that there are now individual elements from these synths to include into Eurorack Systems

check out the range in our product catalogue here


VCF OTA based circuit, Erebus Filter 89.00
Dual VCA Dual Logarithmic OTA VCA, suitable for Audio and CV signals 89.00
Envelope Standard ADSR envelope 79.00
LFO Voltage Controlled LFO featuring 4 individual wave outpus 89.00
Divider Frequency divider 35.00
Random White Noise Generator 99.00
Reflector Part of the upcoming Abyss synthesizer, 1024-stage BBD based Chorus / Flanger / Echo circuit 109.00
Phaser Abyss analog phase shifter 109.00
Echo Erebus delay circuit 89.00
Splitter A single channel 1 to 8 splitter - 2 channel 1 to 5 and 1 to 2 splitter - 3 channel with all 2 to 1 splitter 26.00
Mixer 3 individual, 3 to 1 mixers 59.00
Attenuator 2 channel passive attenuator 26.00
Drive Drive circuit of the upcoming Abyss synthesizer 26.00

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