PRESS RELEASE: Dreadbox goes Nova

PRESS RELEASE: Dreadbox goes Nova

Analogue Synthesizer and Effects aficionados Dreadbox have appointed Nova Distribution to represent the brand exclusively in the UK. A new wave of lovingly handcrafted products from Dreadbox will become available during the coming months with more to follow during 2016. Dreadbox was established in 2012 by founder and designer John Diakoumakos in Athens, Greece.

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The newest and hottest product to launch under Dreadbox is the incredible Semi Modular EREBUS Paraphonic Synthesizer offering a wealth of interconnectivity patching options for immersive sound design. The EREBUS will be with Nova dealers mid October, with in store demo units available for end users to get their hands on this epic “classic” of a synth.

Dreadbox are now also in the final stages of launching the eagerly anticipated HADES Bass Synthesizer, building upon the same patchable framework as the EREBUS.

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Nova Distribution’s Sales and Marketing Director Phil Skins comments “Nova have been on the hunt for a really cool and affordable synth line for a while and when John from Dreadbox heard we were interested, a plan was put in place. I love everything about this brand, and the Nova team share the same passion and enthusiasm to build upon the Dreadbox brand here in the UK. I was hooked the moment I started using the EREBUS. The Dreadbox products have a charm and character that will win over any discerning synth fan. Especially when you consider the pricing and hand built assembly factor. This is going to be great fun!”

The Dreadbox team have expanded the company recently, with new engineers and brand new premises in Athens to help satisfy the overwhelming demand on the EREBUS and new product lines in the pipeline. John Diakoumakos comments “A Developer’s greatest joy comes when he sees his creations, being embraced by talented mucisians and sound designers. The UK has many of them… We can’t wait for our analogue synths and effects to hit this island with Nova on board.”


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