Shipping December 2019
Dreadbox have announced a brand new series of affordable multi-purpose eurorack modules, bringing a selection of handy 10HP effects and signal processors together for incredibly low prices ranging from £69 to £89 each

The Chromatic Series offers 6 unique modules each providing cleverly thought out signal processors ranging from VCO’s, VCA’s, LFO/Signal Generators through to wild modulators, glitching FX and CV manipulators.

HYSTERIA – Performance VCO – £89 inc VAT

Voltage Controlled Oscillator with variable Waveform and OSC/SEMITONE Quantization

EUDEMONIA – Filter/Mixer/VCA – £79 inc VAT

Multi-Purpose LP/HP Filter with 3 input Mixer and Voltage Controlled Amplifier

NOSTALGIA – 3 Stage Delay – £79 inc VAT

Up to 1 second 3 stage Delay with Triangle/Pulse Wave LFO and Multiple Tap Output

ATAXIA – Dual Modulator – £79 inc VAT

Dual Purpose LFO/ function generator or ADSR envelope with separate trigger input

DYSTOPIA – Noise/Crush/Filter – £79 inc VAT

Multi-Purpose Noise/Glitch/Bit Crusher/Random Gate and voltage Generator that can also process external audio

UTOPIA – CV/Audio Manipulator – £69 inc VAT

Multi-Purpose 4 Channel Summing Mixer / Splitter with LFO and Pulserizer FX