A FANTASTIC review from Sound on Sound on the SC208

A FANTASTIC review from Sound on Sound on the SC208

Sound on Sound, the worlds best selling Music Technology Magazine has given a brilliant thumbs up for the Eve Audio SC208 2-way active studio monititor in this months issue

Check out the magazine out in shops now or login to Sound on Sound’s website for the full review. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/oct12/articles/eve-sc208.htm

We will be posting the full length review soon. in the meantime. Here are some bullet points from Paul White’s review

“Good mixes sound fabulous but poor mixes have nowhere to hide!” […]

“There’s also a strong sense of both stereo width and front-to-back depth along with great vocal clarity.” […]

“The more material I tried with these speakers, the more I came to appreciate their candour.” […]

“Every monitor design is a compromise of course, but on balance I’m extremely impressed with the  SC208s, and while they aren’t exactly budget speakers, they do perform extremely well within their  price range and meet the need for critical mixing insomuch as good mixes sound good an bad ones don’t!” […]

“Eve may be a new company but it is quite clear that there’s a lot of design expertise and experience  behind their monitor as well as a good sense of where to spend the money.”

Nova Distribution completely agree with Paul White’s comments, and the great thing is that these translate across the whole family of EVE Audio active studio monitors and sub woofers

All EVE Audio 2 and 3 way models are now shipping in the U.K.

Call us and we can point you in the right direction for a demo.

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